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Take action to protect yourself and your family.

   Trespass Withdraw permission of your own personal toxic trespass by sending a letter to President Bush and your Congressional representative stating that you no longer wish to be a part of the giant experiment of chemical trespass. 
  Daniel Harder's Report

"Integrated Pest Management Practices for the Light Brown Apple Moth in New Zealand: Implications for California"
Report By Daniel Harder, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Arboretum, University of California at Santa Cruz and Jeff Rosendale, Grower, Horticultural Consultant, Watsonville, CA released on March 6, 1008
This report says that there is no LBAM problem in NZ as long as they do not use broad spectrum insecticides. They state that California based their evaluation on old data and NZ used insect growth regulators in place of the pheromone, which the NZ experts say will not work in Northern California...only in agricultural settings.

Huffman Hearing 3 hr and 20 minute hearing in the Marin County Board of Supervisors' Chambers with comments by CDFA Secretary and OEHHA representative. This took place on February 14, 2008. See the entire hearing via web casting.

Sign the on-line petition that requests Governor Schwarzenegger to call a halt to the spray. Let your neighbors and friends know about this. Most people don't think it will happen but that's what the people in Santa Cruz thought.
Send letters Action instructions for Marin and the East Bay. Names and addresses of who to write to. Always be nice but be firm. We do not need nor do we want CheckMate or any of the family of pheromone products sprayed over out urban communities. It is untested, no EIR has been done and the experts in New Zealand predict that it will not work. So why expose people and spend all that money?
Check Mate
1HOPE The People on the Peninsula are fighting back. Check out their web site for meeting dates and projects.
Hope For Truth Web site with abundant information on how to recognize, report and heal from pesticide injury. Analysis of the Toxicological studies of the pheromone by Dr. Philip is there along with ingredient data sheets. Spend time reading through this site. It is well worth you time.

Alliance to Stop the Spray (CASS) of Santa Cruz wrote a letter on December 31, 2007 to their Health Services Agency Administrator, Dr. Khalsa. Read the reasons they felt this spray was not acceptiable

cdfa Read all the information regardin the Light Brown Apple Moth Project. These is an updat service to explain what the California Department of Food and Agricultre is presently doing. There are maps, brochures and be sure to read the Consensus Statement on Human Health Aspects.

Pesticide Watch

State wide organizing to stop the use of toxic pesticides in California. Wonderful team of young organizersworking in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Alameda and Marin. Lead by Paul Schramski.

Stop the Spray Marin The newest organization formed the first of March to alert the residents of Marin that they will indeed be sprayed if political action is not taken immediately. Founding memebers are Frank Egger, Judi Shils, Skip Berg, Ginger Souders-Mason and Monica Berg. They produced two, full-page ads in the Marin IJ and presented the informational meeting with pictures below. They also plan to hit the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento on Monday, March 10th.  

To watch LBAM hearings on youtube click on the underlined URL to the right. This is Democracy in action. Thank you Ecological Options Network.


STOP THE SPRAY Pt 1 Panel Presentations

STOP THE SPRAY Pt. 2 Citizen Comments

DEBUNKING MOTH MYTHS - UC Scientists Speak Out

SENATOR SIMITIAN'S LBAM HEARING - Pt. 1 - Officials and Academics


SENATOR SIMITIAN'S LBAM HEARING - Pt. 3 - Concluding Official and Activist statements

To see all our posts, please go to:

Senator Florez's CDFA Hearing: in 3 parts: (and the catalog of postings by EON)



USDA Treatment Program for Light Brown Apple Moth in California Look at this 103 page document, with comments due on March 18, 2008, and wonder who could honestly create such a report. The listing of 2,000 plants that LBAM is supposed to feed on is verging on the ridiculous. It equates to seeing a Blue Jay sitting on a bush so that bush is listed as something the Jay feeds on and then you list all the other bushes in that plant's genre...never mind that LBAM is a leaf roller. In this document we are lead to believe it feeds on pines and broom.  
LBAM Eradication Program: Potential Effects on Pollinators and Implications for California AGriculture Report prepared by Roy Upton, Citizens for Health, Daniel Harder, PhD, Dept of Evolutiionayr Biology, UCSC, Thomas Dadant, Bee keeper. is a 19 page report with three pages of citations, discussing how the pesticides sprayed in Santa Cruz and Monterey affected the bees.  
California codes In this document are selcted sections of the California Codes related to pesticides, reporting and medical supervision.  
Reporting forms

CDFA claim form to be sent directly to Secretary Kawamura for personal injury, property damage or other. (simple 1 page)

Government Claims Program Information and Claim Form. (4 page form requires a $25. filing fee)

Pesticide Illness Report Form use by doctors that must be sent in to the state of California/Environmental Protection Agency

Die-off of Seabirds After Aerial Spraying of Checkmate LBAM-F Pesticide Solution in Santa Cruz, CA In this document prepared by Roy Upton brings together information on what happened to the Seabirds after the spraying in Santa Cruz, CA. Fact Sheet: SB 1.0 was compiled on March 25, 2008 and is 11 pages long.  
Directives on Human experimentation It is important to review what was developed following WWII trials that produced the Nuremberg Code. Is the spraying of an untested chemical over an unsuspecting population human experimentation?  
Dr. Larry Rose statement Lawrence Rose, M.D., M.P.H. was the senior Public Medical Officer for Cal-OSHA for 28 years, and in that capacity was for a time assigned liaison for Cal-OSHA to the statewide interagency pesticide advisory committee (recently retired), an Occupational/Environmental Medicine practitioner, and part of the UCSF Occupational/Environmental Medicine Department.   
Complaints of Adverse Reactions to Aerial Spraying in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties Appendix of 317 complaints of Illnesses received directly by the CDFA, as described in correspondence below with Mike Lynberg of Pacific Grove. Submitted by Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (HOPE) January 3, 2008. 192 pages.  
This 10 page report is the executive summary of the work of Mike Lynberg and David Dilworth review of the 643 documented complaints of adverse reactions following the CDFA's aerial spraying of two pesticides based on pheromones over densely populated neighborhoods in Santa Cruz and Montery Counties in Septemper, October, and November 2007.  
SF Chronicle story by Jane Kay The story by Chronical Environmental Writer Jane Kay appeard on Monday, April 7, 2008 titled, "Health Problems Reported After Aerial Spraying."  
Wasting millions combating the apple moth Press Democrat July 6, 2009. James R. Cary and Daniel Harder explain why the release of tens of thousands of sterile moths is scientifically invalid and futile.  
Stop the Spray East Bay Letter to U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding Environmental Assessment of the Light Brown Apple Moth Sterile Insect Field Evaluation Project from Stop the Spray East Bay.



North Coast Rivers Alliance Comments to U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding Environmental Assessment of the Light Brown Apple Moth Sterile Insect Field Evaluation Project from North Coast Rivers Alliance  

March 10, 2008 Corte Madera Town Center Conference ... moderated by Frank Egger, board member of Pesticide Free Zone Campaign and founding member of Stop The Spray Marin (at the podium)
Attended by over 200 people concerned about proposed aerial spraying over Marin cities and other SF Bay Area towns.


Judi Shils, Executive Director of Search for the Cause and a founding member of Stop the Spray Marin and addresses the audience..

Skip Berg, a founding member of Stop the Spray Marin addresses the audience.

Some of the audience listening to the experts. The meeting took place in the old Good Guys.

Attorney Stephen Volker addresses questions from the audience.

Paul Scharmski, Director of Pesticide Watch addresses the audience

Nan Wishner, Member of the Albany IPM Commission explains what CDFA intends to do.




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