This is an ever-growing list of people and organizations concerned about unwelcomed exposure to pesticides

Environmental Health Network (EHN) Probably the only website you will ever need to know due to their extensive contact list.
Environment California Great group of young people helping communities organize.
Beyond Pesticides They produce great information and are helping organize communities all across the country.
California Public Information Research Group (CalPIRG) The PIRG organizations do great research and keep us all informed.
Earthcrew For organic amendments for a healthy soil and home.
CPR  Californians for Pesticide Reform Coalition of over 140 public interest organization committed to protecting public health and the environment from pesticide proliferation.
Northwest Coalition for Alternative to Pesticides Great resource (Journal) for publications and researching health effects on the web.
Pesticide Action Network North America Contact Cori Traub in San Francisco at 415/981-1771 x 349 or 

Need detailed information on pesticides? See their comprehensive database at
Washington Toxics Coalition Wonderful group of folks working to protect the people of Washington state.  They too are using the Pesticide Free Zone signs.
National Coalition for Pesticide Free Lawns A national coalition of organizations working to create safe places for people and the environment by eliminating unsafe lawn chemical use. The "Pesticide Free Zone" sign is an integral part of the work of this coalition.


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