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Who are we?



    When first established in 1997 we were known as Marin Beyond Pesticides Coalition, the coming together of 44 Marin organizations and businesses working to change the way people view the use of pesticides.  Created in a colabration between Marin Breast Cancer Watch and the Health Council of Marin under the guidance of Pesticide Watch, our first objective was to get the County of Marin to reduce the use of pesticides in public spaces and implement an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy.  That goal was realized in December 1998 when the Marin County Board of Supervisors passed the IPM Ordinance.  In 2009-10 the IPM Ordinance and Policy was revised and was adopted by the Marin County Board of Supervisory on January 14, 2010. Today the IPM Commission is meeting and pesticide use is being reduced.   Read about the IPM commission 


    Our goal today is to reduce the use of pesticides in schools and in private homes.  A new group has formed to work with several school districts and the Marin County Office of Education to reduce pesticide use in schools.  Kentfield School District was the first in Marin County to adopt an IPM Policy.  The Pesticide Education Group (P.E.G.)  is that new group. Double click on the underlined P.E.G. to see sample school policy.  To see the full text of AB1006, Healthy Schools 2003 just click on the underlined.  To get in touch with P.E.G. just double click P.E.G. President and e-mail them. To learn more about the national work with schools by a simple click on Schools.  

    We also have introduced our Pesticide Free Zone campaign, which consists of our Lady Bug yard sign which serves as a quiet reminder for everyone who sees it to think before applying poisonous pesticides.  For the private home we ask that individuals sign the Pesticide Free Zone Pledge.  Several cities in Canada have enacted no cosmetic spray ordinances. Read the Halifzx ordinance.  Fairfax, California enacted a Neighbor Notification ordinance.  Read that ordinance and think how nice it would be for your community.  But the State of California through the Department of Pesticide Regulation has challenged the law and the city is going to fight to keep the RIGHT TO KNOW. See the pictures from the press conference in front of City Hall on May 23, 2001.

    The City of San Anselmo is working on inaction of a Neighbor Notification ordinance.  We applaud Boulder Colorado for their bold action of instituting Neighbor Notification.  The Maximum penalty is $1,000 + 90 days in jail if the law is not followed. Read it for yourself. 


    Special Thank You to Mill Valley Whole Foods Market...see what they did!


    Marin County has an epidemic of sudden oak tree deaths due to the spread of a fungus/brown algae. (Phytophthora, which is a relative of the same organism that caused the potato famine in Ireland) is a web sit dedicated to all the up-to-date information.  One community resident, Linda Richard (415/453-0765) treated her oak trees with Tee Tree Oil by directly injecting the oil into the weeping points.  (These represent entry points for the Oak Bark Beetle.  The beetle comes only to diseased trees.) To spray the tree with toxic chemicals does nothing but poison the entire area.  The tree canopy should never be sprayed.  Linda is willing to talk to anyone who might have other ideas.  For more information you can also contact Ralph Zingaro, PCA of Bioscape at .  He has great information on how to make your tree healthy in place of poisoning it and the surrounding soil.


When the federal government and the CDFA engaged in an effort to eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth the community rose up

In that effort they threatened to spray populations with untested chemicals that when used could cause health and environmental problems. Read about the history of this effort and how citizens have pushed back. In January 2016 the State Appeals Court published its decision of striking down CDFA'sEnvironmental Impact Report and the threat of being sprayed from the air with an untested toxic chemical to eliminate an insect of no proven harm has been listed.


In January 2009 Pesticide Free Zone incorporated as a separate orgnization after ten years as a project under Health and Habitat. We now have a Board of Directors and a director. We obtained our 501 C 3, tax exempt status from the U.Sl Federal Government effective January 7, 2009. As of April 12, 2011 our ladybug sign became a Certification Mark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In 2012 we developed the honey be sign and in 2013 we will be producting a fish centered Pesticide Free Zone sign.


    We invite all concerned citizens to call us at 415/459-1391 or toll free at 888/590-3993. 


      For personal actions you can take right now regarding your exposure to toxic chemicals, a form of toxic  tress pass,  send the following letter to your representatives.


The Original Members of Marin Beyond Pesticides Coalition


Ancient Ways Acupuncture Center   Beyond Organic  Bolinas Community Public Utility District Bioscape, Inc. California Association of Naturopathic Physicians  Canal Community Alliance   Center for Ethics & Toxics  Citizens for a Toxic Free Marin  Commonweal    Ecologic Landscape  Ecological Options Network  Ecology House  Environmental Action Club - College of Marin  Environmental Action Committee of West Marin  Environment California Environmental Forum of Marin    Environmental Health Network  Episcopal Church Women - Church of Our Savior  Global Garden Project  Green Generation Products  Green Jeans Garden Supply  Health & Habitat  Health Council of Marin  International Marin Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute   Marin Breast Cancer Watch   Marin Cancer Project    Marin Conservation League  Marin County School Nurses Association  Marin Family Action   Marin Homes for Independent Living    Marin Women's Commission MOW & SOW    Muir Woods Park Community Association  Natural Gardening Company  Permaculture Institute of Northern California  Pesticide Education Group   Quarry Road Association   Resource Renewal Institute  Schillinger Chiropractic Group  Sierra Club-Marin Group     Straus Family Creamery Sustainable North Bay-Marin  The Arts & Healing Network     The Social Justice Center of Marin  West Blithedale Canyon Neighborhood Assoc. 




For any organization to join with us they must sign the following endorsement statement:


       In Marin County there are schools, municipalities and special districts currently using toxic pesticides.  Pesticides pose recognizable risks to human health and the environment.  Pesticide exposures cause special health and learning problems for children.  We call upon public institutions to make the following changes to their pest management practices:  

* Immediately ban the use of the most dangerous pesticides, (EPA Toxicity Class I and II) and those 
   suspected of causing cancer, endocrine disruption and reproductive harm.  
* Require on-site, public pre- and post notification of all pesticide applications.  

Adopt a written Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM) emphasizing non-toxic means of pest and weed control.

* Establish a Pest Management Committee comprised of appropriate concerned parties to oversee

Eliminate, within a reasonable time frame, the use of all pesticides except those least toxic, which are authorized for use by the Pest Management Committee.  

To join download and mail in the form

Marin Beyond Pesticides was community based organization under the 501C3 umbrella of Health & Habitat.

We morphed into a stand alone organization with our own 501 C 3 status in 2009 and were incorporated in the State of California. We also gained protective statues through the US Patten office for our ladybug sign.   
We depend upon support from people like you who are believers in a toxic free world.  Donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to:  

Pesticide Free Zone Campaign
P.O. Box 824
Kentfield, CA 94941-0824


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We appreciate the support of the Flow Fund, The Jennifer Altman Foundation, The Earth Day Every Day Fund/ Marin Community Foundation and the Collenette Family.