Marin Beyond Pesticides Coalition
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In the County of Marin some cities and educational institutions are currently using toxic pesticides in our public spaces (schools, city & county buildings & parks) that threaten our health and the environment. We are coming together to call for major changes in the way pests and weeds are managed in public places. We call upon these public institutions to make the following changes in their pest management practices:

• Immediately ban the use of any pesticides linked to cancer (U.S.E.P.A. Class A, B, & C carcinogens known to cause cancer under Proposition 65); pesticides that cause birth defects, reproductive or developmental harm; pesticides classified as Toxicity Category I and II by the EPA, and
• Require on-site, public pre- and post notification of all pesticide applications,
• Adopt a written Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM) emphasizing non-toxic and least-toxic means of pest and week control,
• Establish an IPM oversight committee comprised of community members, advocacy organizations, IPM experts, agency officials and other concerned parties to implementation giving primary consideration to public health and safety,
• Reduce remaining pesticide use by 50% in the first year of implementation and going to 75% reduction within a targeted period and then attempting to reach at least organic standards.

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