Get your own Pesticide Free Zone 

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Let your neighbors know how you feel (in a nice way!)

Please Note: The sign is intended to convey what is happening in the zone (area) in which it is located. We trust that all who purchase the sign understand the significants of this message and will live up to this standard. To do otherwise is to break this trust and expose others unknowingly to environmental toxins and to reduce the message we all are attempting to convey.

We ask that you abide by the pledge:

To the best of my ability I pledge to keep my home and yard free of pesticides (this includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other petrochemical agents that can cause cancer, reproductive harm, genetic damage, endocrine disruption and breathing difficulties). Whenever pest control is needed I will consult with my local organic nursery or call a knowledgeable agent such as the organizations noted by the PFZ organization close to me. I will further attempt, when asked, to educate others regarding my reasons for going organic and using only organic control methods.

For cities, counties and municipalities who use our signs they are doing so because they have on their books ordinances that indicate they are maintaining the areas free of pesticids. We do allow under usage of the signs, when abiding by a strict Integrated Pest Management Policy, the limited and one-time use of products allowed under the Organic Standards Program.

To protect my internal self I will actively avoid consuming GMO foods and grains harvested with chemical burn-down due to the heavy contamination of pesticides that disrupt the gut biome, are endocrine disrupters, and can cause cancer.

We ask that you abide by the pledge


Signs:  8 inches in diameter, the aluminum enameled circles with a ladybug or honey bee centered will not rust and will retain their bright colors for years...telling all who see them that you want your space to be a "Pesticide Free Zone"  or in Spanish "Zona Libre de Pesticidas"  We also have the salmon sign, in English only..

Stickers:  2 & 3/4 inches diameter circle, these stickers are great for school children or windows. (in Spanish or English)  They do not last on the outside of cars (They come off in the car wash and fade in the sun).  The glue is on the back of the print. 

Bumper Stickers:  4 & 1/2 inch diameter circle, these bright stickers with our web address will last for a long time on your car and tell all who see them just how you feel.

Bumper Sticker #2: 3 X 10 inch "feet in the grass" picture logo.

We apologize that we no long have "T" shirts.

Send check or money order to:  Pesticide Free Zone Campaign
 P.O. Box 824
 Kentfield, CA 94914-0824


Print out order form and mail check to the above address

Orders can be placed by simply phoning 1-888-590-3993. We are an old fashion organization in that we bill you and take checks in payment.


Rates for group orders are as follows:
Shipping will be charged on these orders: Most orders go USPS Fixed Rate Priority Mail

1-9 = $15.00 each includes Postage
10-99 = $10.00 each + postage
and insurance
1000 - 499 = $9.00 each + postage and insurance
500 - 999 = $8.50 each + postage and insurance

1,000 - 5,000 =$8.00 each + postage and insurance
5,000 or more = $7.50 each + postage and insurance

Bumper Stickers 1-9 = $1.00 each 10 or more = $0.50 each

Give-a-way stickers are $0.10 each or 1,000 = $75.00