In Wisconsin

Sunnyside Sustainable Farmer's Market
Door County, Wisconsin

6329 State Highway 42 
Egg Harbor, WI 54209 
Sara Geurts
920/ 743-9646


Greater Madison Healthy Lawn Team
Claire Gervais, President
P.O. Box 45606
Madison,Wisconsin 53744

Tel. (608) 271-2333


PORTER, Warren P.
University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus
Research papers worth reading and supporting with contributions

Porter, W.P., J. Jaeger and I. Carlson. 1999.  (Part 1) (Part 2)  Endocrine, immune and behavioral effects of aldicarb (carbamate), atrazine (triazine) and nitrate (fertilizer) mixtures at groundwater concentrations.  Toxicology and Industrial Health.  15 (1-2): 133-150.

Cavieres M.F., J. Jaeger, W. P. Porter.  2002. Developmental toxicity of a commercial herbicide mixture in mice. I. Effects on embryo implantation and litter size. Environmental Health Perspectives 110:1081-1085

Phone:  262-1719 or 262-0029
Office:  207 Zoology Research



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