Antipesticide Group Urges Ban: Sierra Club Seeks Education Plan Funding - November 22, 2000 - The Calgary Herald, B6 - Joe Woodard, Calgary Herald.

The Sierra Club of Calgary wants this city to, according to this story, stop using artificial pesticides insecticides and herbicides.

The story says that the club's campaign for pesticide reduction will be meeting with Calgary city council's operations and environment committee next Wednesday, seeking an end to the cosmetic use of synthetic pesticides in city parks, playgrounds and pathways.

The group also wants the city to create and fund an educational program to inform Calgarians about the dangers of nonorganic pesticides and safer alternatives. And it wants the city to remove
dandelions from its list of noxious weeds.

Sierra Club representative Brian Pincott was quoted as telling a Herald editorial board meeting that, "Private homeowners use four times the pesticides the city does. But we want the city to show some
leadership in this issue.

Forty cities across Canada have already banned pesticide use for cosmetic purposes most recently Toronto  so we aren't suggesting that the city wander off into unknown territory.''

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