Sudden Oak Death

What is it and how can it be prevented?  We know for sure it is not sudden and it is not only oaks that are affected.  Furthermore, some arborist believe it does not need to end in the death of your favorite tree.  From this page you can branch out to find many different stories and theories regarding this phenomena.  You can also follow the story of one arborist who stood up to the prevailing theories of the day and is being sued by the County of Marin.  In a twisted interpretation of and enforcement of the pesticide laws in California this owner of a two man office in Petaluma has been accused of "competitive disadvantaging" the other arborists in Marin because he was using a fertilizer to aid the trees in their fight against Sudden Oak Death. Truth can be stranger than fiction but there are three well-researched articles on this pending legal action that you can read.

Screaming Trees From LA CityBEAT magazine by Annette Stark.   Explains the bazaar law suit filed in Marin County against Ralph Zingaro and Bioscapes
Bleeding Trees From the Ventura County Recorder by Annette Stark.  An updated version of the story from LA CityBEAT
Barking Up the Wrong Tree From the Sonoma Valley Voice  by Tara Treasurefield.   Explores the bigger picture of what Sudden Oak Death might be.
California Oak Mortality Task Force Sudden Oak Task Force web site for explanation of what the academics at U.C. Berkeley believe is the problem.
COMTF Archives History of Sudden Oak Death in California
California Oak Mortality Task Force - Monitoring Committee Links on how to report Sudden Oak Death to the proper authorities.
University of California Extension University of California Cooperative Extension in Marin County web site dedicated to providing practical information on Sudden Oak Death in California.
New Treatment for SOD From the San Francisco Chronicle By Peter Fimrite  Breakthrough for treatment of oak death Scientists say product helps infected trees fight disease   Friday, October 3, 2003
Shaking the Trees From LA CityBEAT magazine by Annette Stark.  April 15, 2004 issue Annette expands the issue of Sudden Oak Death and wonders is it really Phytophthora ramorium or a condition of the soils.  In the meantime follow the money.
California Nursery Growers The California Nursery Growers Association released a statement on April 9, 2004 refuting the assertion that Phytophthora ramorium is the cause of SOD.
Phytophthora ramorium found in New York tree The discovery of Phytophthora ramorium in a living but diseased tree in Oyster Bay, NY  revealed the underlying causes of this tree decline- soil acidification, aluminum toxicity, calcium deficiency all caused by the cumulative effects of acid rain.  This is the real tree killer, not the fungus.  
Union-Tribune story

"Scientists scramble to understand disease ravaging a California icon" written by Richard A. Lovett, appearing in the September 1, 2004 Union-Tribune.

Sacramento Bee

"California Environment: How sudden oak death is transforming the state" published August 15, 2004 in the Sacramento Bee, by Richard A. Lovett.

NY Times

"Killer of Oaks in West May Have Surfaced on L.I." published July 29, 2004 in the New York Times, written by Patrick Healy.          

A Fungus Among Us "A Fungus Among Us" written by Annette Stark for LA CityBeat 4-29-04
New Threat Jan 22, 2005 story from San Francisco Chronicle story by Peter line Monterey.  "Oak disease variant looms as new threat.  Third strain may be offspring of US; European types.
Michael Coffey Michael Coffey's response to the Peter Femrite story.

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